OFWGKTA–Stage Dives and “The Most Ignorant Shit”

Two days ago, on Oct 4th, I went to the Showbox at the Market to see a favorite group of mine. Generally, I’d put an introduction in here, but lets be honest, you know who Odd Future is. Right? Right. So lets continue…

So, to begin, the show was crazy. I can honestly say I’ve never sweat that much in my life. But the amount of sweat my body secreted is not your concern, lets get to the point here Seth. (I’ve recently realized that talking to yourself in text format is not QUITE as bad as out loud). The show started off and was immediately wild. Syd, OF’s DJ came out and started playing some tracks. A little Waka Flocka, some unexpected dubstep, and of course just before the real show started, Drop, by Earl. This was a good point for me because Earl is easily my favorite OF artist and I was glad to know his absence wasn’t going to affect his songs being played.

Then MellowHype came out. Hodgy and Left Brain got on stage, (fully donned with grillz) and  immediately got the crowd going insane. What had originally been a tightly packed floor became a pancaked mess of people moving in various directions with increasing force. Hodgy killed the bars in 64 (linked above), setting the tone for some of the darker songs to be played. Shortly after, Transylvania was played with Tyler. The crowd was particularly fond of this one, as was I. At this point I was a little further towards the back of the crowd as the middle had become just a little too hectic. The whole gang came out slowly with many favorites being played such as Domo’s Benediction Mike G’s Everything That’s yours. Tyler openly noted that all of them were “tired as fuck” having been constantly performing for the past couple of days. Nonetheless, none of them disappointed. Tyler played many favorites. Obviously, Yonkers. I would say that the crowd went crazy for this one, but that’d just be redundant. To avoid this allow me to put this open statement out: The crowd was crazy. The whole time.

Anyways, continuing. MellowHype went on to do a rendition of Fuck the Police that strangely reminded me of the some Rage Against the Machine kind of stuff. Tyler brought out Taco and Jasper to do Bitch Suck Dick as per the crowds request. Basically, they were all there, and it was great. Except for one….

Yes to my dismay, Frank Ocean was noticeably absent. I’ll stop here to give fellow blogger Vincent a chance to cry…

My only real disappointment, was the lack of Mr. Ocean (Speaking of which he’s going on tour if you hadn’t heard, check it out at frankocean.com) I was also a little sad to not get to hear Bastard done. But I digress, on to the real highlights.

Tyler did Orange Juice with Earl’s recorded part played on the speakers and it was great. I was up at the front after the first third of the show or so and this was right around the peak of energy. It was wild. The whole crowd was spitting Earl’s lyrics for him and frankly, that song alone made the show worth it. Somewhere after Orange Juice, Tyler and Hodgy got up and did Sandwitches, which no surprise was equally insane. Throughout the whole show all of them were diving out and crowd surfing. At one point, Left Brain was actually standing straight up on top of the crowd, quite a feat if I do say so myself.

All in all the energy was ridiculous and I couldn’t have asked for a better Tuesday night here in Seattle. The performance was incredible, and the guys were hilarious as ever. My thanks goes out to all of the Odd Future members that performed for us. If you don’t have their music already, go to oddfuture.com and hit up their blog to download the majority of their music for free.




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