“Trees” – Thrushers – Music Video Premiere

So about a month and a half or so, I posted the music video link to the absolutely gorgeous track “Teenage Tide” by Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Flash forward today, the director of that music video Christopher Ewing contacted the blog and unveiled his latest work. Here’s what he said:

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the kind words and awesome post on my “Teenage Tide” video for Letting Up Despite Great Faults last month! I thought you might dig my just-released new video so I wanted to send it your way. It’s for Baltimore indie shoegazing noisepopsters Thrushes and their song “Trees” from the NIGHT FALLS album.

The video follows two mysterious girls as they search for a buried treasure in an abandoned water park in the middle of nowhere. Its got a bit of a 90’s, sun-drenched post-apocalyptic, magical-realism vibe going for it and I hope you enjoy it!

Now that Chris has clarified the plot of the video for us, let’s focus on the directional style shall we? The key thing that leaps out is…well one could attribute the visual direction of the video having the fingerprints of a hipster label all over it (Although I do really like the opening of the flashing shark “swimming” across the screen). There’s footage of the girls driving on the dusty road alone in the car, with cuts of them exploring the abandoned water park during both the day and night. Hell, there’s even a few shots of the girls simply camping out in the middle of nowhere, and in relationship with the music, there’s this sense of carefree surrealism that goes on. I do appreciate the symbolism of the flap entrenched in front of the tent at the beginning of the video and at the end when the girl leaves the flag behind. So whatever happened to the second girl, as she suddenly disappears? The video doesn’t answer that question, but a telling feature is given when the car drives away (with only one person inside 😦  ) and the camera shifts over the the waving flag at the end of the video. The juxtaposition of the song fading out at the same time the audio of the wind blowing the flag as the car leaves it literally in the dust is significant because it signals an end to a chapter. Bringing the flag back wouldn’t be as special, because it was the path that the two girls took to get to that spot that made the journey so significant. However, by leaving the flag behind, the first girl recognizes that she won’t experience such a feeling again, but feels obligated to leave a marker behind for the thrills she had. That or the fact that she’s tripping balls and bringing along the flag would remind her of her disappearing friend (Seriously what the heck?). Besides that, take the video for what it is, a video about the sweet fun two people can have with one another.

More info on the band can be found at: www.thrushesrule.com

To see other works by Christopher Ewing, check out his youtube page.

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