New Whitechapel

You might remember a review I did awhile back of a little record called A New Era of Corruption by Knoxville, TN group Whitechapel. I heaped praise on its intensity and its unflinching devotion to melody alongside brutality. Truly a fantastic death metal record.

Well, they’re back with a new song and it’s called “‘Section 8.” You can find it on their Facebook page here:

It’s not that great.

Phil’s retreated back into cookie monster unintelligible territory. On Corruption (byfar their best album), I understood nearly every single word he screamed or growled on the first listen, which is very rare for this kind of music. It was fantastic. Now he’s just gone back to a string of raaaahs, reeees and roooohs.

The drum work isn’t nearly as technical or inspired. Kevin Lane was a boss behind the kit and their new guy just sticks to genre tropes. He’s obviously capable, but doesn’t do anything that sticks out or really adds to the song.

The guitar work is the biggest disappointment, though. The song is a collection of chugs and basic progressions with a solo thrown in the middle. It’s completely devoid of the beautifully orchestrated lead lines and harmonies that made Corruption such an enjoyable listen. For a band with three guitarists, it seemed that they had finally figured out how to use them, but this is regression.

The total rage at the end of the song, where Phil belts out “YOU’RE ALL WORTHLESS” with blood-curdling intensity, redeems it a bit, but it’s a step down from previous work.

Come on, guys, I know you’re capable of more than this.

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