Ludovic Morlot and the Seattle Symphony

With Chris’ ties to the classical field, there’s no small wonder he’s holding a very keen interest regarding the on-goings of the Seattle Symphony. However, he has recently expressed hope in the direction the symphony has taken, as evident by his earlier post, “The Layperson and Classical Music (Go See a Symphony Dammit!)”. I was reading The Stranger yesterday and came across a feature that deals directly with what Chris articulated in his earlier post. Give it a read (and go see a symphony dammit).

Part of the exciting promise of Morlot’s leadership is his desire to expand audiences and reach younger people. Everyone 18 and under is free? Awesome. Open rehearsals? Awesome. These are real concrete choices that help to break down that wall that often times separate the average guy from attending these performances, simply because there is a social connotation on who actually goes to these performances.


Now I’m not the guy who you should turn to at all for information regarding classical music, so I’ll just post a video of a rehearsal led by Ludovic Morlot. Let Chris break it down for ya sometime.



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