James & Evander: “Constellating”


“I’m tired of making these mistakes” 

It’s simple and direct, yet this line proves to be the most emotionally powerful point in the song. As this line is lamented again and again over the simple synth melodies, a sense of poetic weariness is evoked.  James & Evander, an analog synth duo from Oakland,released their Constellating EP back in June, which marks the first time the two use vocals in their music. Good thing they did so, because the vocals on the song ‘Constellating’ really makes it a outstanding track, producing beautiful electropop that is both dreamy and makes it way into your brain. The word constellate means to scatter or intersperse like dots or studs, but it can also mean to come together as in a cluster or flock. The seemingly contradictory meanings of this word, in application to the song refers to the struggle articulated in the song, a lack that needs to be filled, but unfortunately this void can’t be overcome despite how badly one tries to make it right. The story is a sad one, but the music that arises from moments like this is absolutely fantastic in all of its sadness and sincerity.


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