Recalling Some Music History

This is a little belated, but three days ago on September 16th was the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind. Here’s the track “Come as You Are” from the album.

However, I would like to point out something a bit more interesting. Megan Jasper, a receptionist for Sub Pop Records was hounded by an eager New York Times reporter regarding the “slang” used by followers of the Seattle scene bands.  Jasper informed the reporter a set of slang terms that she claimed were associated with the grunge scene in the early 1990s, but which she had spontaneously fabricated it all. The information given by Jasper appeared in the sidebar of a November 15, 1992 feature article of the New York Times.The sidebar, titled “Lexicon of Grunge: Breaking the Code”, mistakenly said that Jasper was working for Caroline Records.

Grunge speak words

During the interview, Jasper made up the following terms and their definitions:

  • bloated, big bag of bloatation – drunk
  • bound-and-hagged – staying home on Friday or Saturday night
  • cob nobbler – loser
  • dish – desirable guy
  • fuzz – heavy wool sweaters
  • harsh realm – bummer
  • kickers – heavy boots
  • lamestain – uncool person
  • plats – platform shoes
  • rock on – a happy goodbye
  • score – great
  • swingin’ on the flippity-flop – hanging out
  • tom-tom club – uncool outsiders
  • wack slacks – old ripped jeans
Read the Wiki entry, appropriately titled “Grunge Speak”

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