“A Real Hero” – College feat. Electric Youth

So I saw Drive this weekend. Very good movie. Not my style. As you can probably tell from the fact that my favorite writer is Aaron Sorkin, I like fast movies, heavy on dialogue.

The problem with this movie is that it’s like the old western–the main character, well played by Ryan Gosling, has no name and very few lines, and the romance is a little unbelievable–but the film makes me like it. Its pacing is perfectly slow, like a sad symphony. The cinematography and action is original and beautiful. The performances are understated and smart. The plot is simple, but maintains a solid level of depth through small moments and great music.

Now, I’m not a fan of eighties-ness either. I am firmly planted in the 90s generation. Synths are just that, synthetic. Real music is made by real people creating sound with the tools they have chosen and mastered, untainted and unaltered. Not to say that synths can’t add to a song (Death Cab is still my favorite band for their arrangements featuring background synths), but mainly that I want the song to be more than just a vocal and some electronic stuff. I know you probably disagree with me, so I’ll leave it at that.

However, this song fit so well with the movie, and is so weirdly catchy, I have to post it here.

PS: Cliff Martinez’s score is also quite impressive, if reminiscent of his interesting work on “Contagion”.



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