Leaked Material: Frank Ocean- “Dying For Your Love”

While the commercial release of Nostalgia / Ultra keeps getting delayed, that doesn’t mean my favorite Odd Future member (He is a member damnit!) Frank Ocean has stand pat.  “Dying for Your Love” is yet another leaked song in the great amount of material we’ve gotten from Frank Ocean. The song was featured on the Lonny Breaux Collection, that featured 63 (!) unreleased songs. For “Dying For Your Love”, Frank recruited James Fauntleroy for vocal help, and before delving into the song some background history should be explored. James Fauntleroy was the guy Chris Brown compared Frank Ocean to, sparking the  silliest beef (and funniest comeback) in the extensive history Odd Future spats. Frank Ocean’s versatility as a songwriting and artist are top notch. I guess that’s why he’s the R&B hot property of the moment. Don’t expect to see him go away anytime soon.

Frank Ocean “Dying For Your Love”

Follow this link to get a chance to go download the track.

I had a conversation with fellow blogger Seth about Frank Ocean’s work (mostly because he and I are in the small minority of this blog who enjoy listening to Frank Ocean), and here are some lighting quick reactions on the basis of a few listens:

Seth: I like that he’s getting vocals from other guys too…like hes strong enough on his own, but its cool to see him branching out to work with others

Me: Yah, but although it’s sounds different from your Frank Ocean track, I can’t say that I’m too surprised that he would go in this direction. It only reinforces my belief in this stand alone quality that Frank has from the rest of the Odd Future gang.

Seth: Too true. I can’t see any of the other guys continuing without each other, like hodgy and left obviously need each other.

Me: I think that Frank is more willing to take artistic risks than everyone else except for maybe Tyler

Seth: I think there’s a difference between the two
like Frank is willing to take artistic risks
Tyler just doesnt give a proverbial “fuck”
[Now here’s where I think it gets interesting in terms of the conversation between Seth and I]
Me: What do you think is the quality that makes Frank Ocean so willing to experiment with sound and take such risks? I mean, this guy is unafraid of associating with odd future, despite his so called ties with the music industry (writing music for beyonce and such).
Seth: Honestly? I think its his background. Like, this is a bigggg amount of speculation, but reading that article that came out right before summer about his roots in New Orleans and having his life completely shaken by Katrina…I think that gave him the “Life isn’t going to wait for you to be satisfied” lesson. He knows hes talented,he knows what he’s capable of, but who likes doing what they KNOW they can, it’s exponentially more fun to do what you aren’t sure of.
Now that was some fine analysis there Seth. Thanks for the contribution.
  • See where Seth based his thoughts off by reading the Complex interview.
  • Intrigued by the 63 (!) unreleased songs of Lonny Breaux Collection? No fear, follow this link to listen and even download it!
  • Check out Frank Ocean’s tumblr (On page 3, he’s got a post about the Somalian famine crisis. Sense of perspective indeed. Respect).
  • Can’t get enough Frank Ocean? Read my first post

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