The X Factor Pilot – NOT a TV Review

I had originally planned to write a review of the new Fox reality competition series The X Factor (with judge/creator Simon Cowell) for today, as I was scheduled to attend a premiere and advance screening. Unfortunately, the common folk (aka NOT executives and VIPs), such as the fine filmmakers of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, had their screening canceled due to technical difficulties. While sad, the producers did give us free swag (X Factor caps, glowsticks, etc.):

A few of us were lucky enough to be photographed with the legendary Mr. Cowell himself.

(Simon with my awesome friend Sara, an incredibly talented screenwriter known for her quick wit).

So, yes, that was kind of a self-indulgent picture show. But we did find a really cool record store on Sunset Boulevard after the show was canceled; Amoeba Records has a huge collection of music and movies and they deserve a serious shout-out.

Anyways, a review of a live X Factor show is most likely coming in the future.

So, I suppose I’ll use this post to talk about early reviews coming soon to the blog:

Puncture, starring Chris Evans (Captain America),
The Skin I Live In, the new film from Oscar winning filmmaker Pedro Almodovar (Volver, Talk To Her)
and (possibly)
a Q&A with Oscar-nominated writer/director John Singleton (Abduction, Boyz In The Hood).

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