The Classics of Fall Out 3

It’s been over three months since I last set foot in an academic setting, and I’ve been wasting away playing video games (most of the time). During the course of this phase, I went back to the past and started playing video games I used to play, specifically this song called Fall Out 3, a game that sets itself after a nuclear war. As I was replaying the game, I realized that there are some nifty songs in the game (although they are all extreme exercises of irony). The thing that is so brilliant about the Fall Out 3 soundtrack is that the songs that are used in the game do not reflect the post apocalyptic atmosphere of the game at all. These are songs from the 1930’s and 40’s that evoke the feelings of innocence and simplicity, and when juxtaposed with the violent actions that are committed in the game,  it makes the whole experience totally surreal.

Take for example the Ink Spots “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” (Irony of it being played in a post nuclear age eh?).


Now check out this lovely jazz track from Billie Holiday, titled “Easy Living”


If you think about about it, videogames are one of the few places where people of today can hear music like this. It’s also interesting to think how without playing this game, my knowledge of the 1940s music wouldn’t have expanded in any way or form at all. However, it begs the question, does that justify all that time playing into the early morning? Meh, you only live once right?

To listen to more sunny irony, check out this youtube playlist of the Fall Out 3 soundtrack. 

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