Introducing Our New Filing System

Here at LifeAfterNirvana we have some great articles and really like to talk about music. Our categories, however, are so scattered that it is impossible to find any post older than a week. That is why fellow blogger Dylan and I have decided to group all the posts into 14 simple sections:

-Current Events
-Live Music
-Music Videos
-New Releases
-Tell-All Thursdays

Currently only the September archives fall into these groups, so look into “Uncategorized” for anything older. From now on any new posts will be filed accordingly as opposed to creating new sections for a single article, hopefully making your viewing experience that much more enjoyable. For now I leave you with a live acoustic performance from one of my personal favorites, Freelance Whales.

About tcapps123

Hi everyone! I'm a philosophy student at Fairhaven College in Western Washington. My musical interests range all across the board, particularly indie, punk and pop. I've also spent a lot of time writing my own songs and playing in bands. I'm not a huge fan of critiquing music because after all, who are any of us to judge someone else's creation? But I love sharing music and hopefully you'll enjoy my unique perspective here at LifeAfterNirvana. View all posts by tcapps123

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