The United State of Electronica – U.S.E.

I must’ve been in seventh grade when I was first introduced to U.S.E. I was around the age when I was first starting to build up a taste for the kind of music I liked and the kinds of things I would have in my music library as an adult. United State of Electronica is one of those few groups that I’ve held onto from that age (All the other ones being angry-white-boy music, as is required of seventh grade boys).

U.S.E. describes themselves as “Seattle’s beloved disco pop septet.” I couldn’t agree more. U.S.E’s sound is like listening to what techno-pop would have been about 25 years ago. Constant guitar riffs, a feel good synthesizer sound, a quick but not obnoxiously fast tempo, all lead by, quite frankly, awesome lyrics through a vocoder, accompanied by the voices of the hypnotic female back up singers and the cheers of the male band members. Oh, and there’s plenty of bass to bounce to. This entire mix ends up coming out as a party in your ears.

“What kind of party?” you ask? Spoiler alert: a freaking sweet party. A shake-your-fists-dance-your-face-off-feel-unconditionally-loved party. Their track “All Sounds & All People” (essentially the skit on their first album) features an invigorating speech given by one of the band members: “We’re about the people, always will always have been, and the people have been dancing and celebrating and singing since the beginning of time! There’s always been music and ever since that sound that makes your head bop and hips shake, there’s always been some form of U.S.E. in the voices of all the party people!” This awesome, “love everyone” attitude and Neo-Hippie feel is what made U.S.E. irresistible to me.

Honestly, I just think everyone should listen to them. Its such powerful feel good music and has such a pleasant, rocking sound. I secretly have this fantasy where the 80s era kept going, and U.S.E. came out to be the leaders of a revolution in which government was replaced by music (Think Jackson 5, instead of Andrew Jackson). I can dream right?

Check out their website and store below! (Where you can name your price and download all of their music!)
United State of Electronica

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