“Time To Pretend” – MGMT

So, I didn’t really love the first MGMT album. It was too synthy and annoying for my taste. (I haven’t listened to Congratulations).

Then I saw the BBC’s awesome Skins. At the end of the second series, the song used was “Time To Pretend”, and it fit perfectly. It was all about the loss of innocence and moving on; it was about reckless youth and indifference and naïve thoughts about the future, and it was beautiful. It redeemed Oracular Spectacular for me.

I listened to the song a lot on the eve of my prom and high school graduation, reminiscing fondly on my early childhood and looking forward to the shining star of tomorrow (and the heroin, definitely the heroin *inside joke if you know the song*). I was going to post about it.

Then I just kind of… forgot about it. It sat in the overcrowded “T” section in the Songs of my iPhone’s music library, nestled comfortably between Muse’s “Time is Running Out” and Chris Walla’s “Tiny Spoons”.

Flash forward three months.

Once again, I entered Allie’s room. This time though, her roommate Kassidy was playing the catchy tune. It was instantly recognizable. It brought back all the bittersweet feelings. “Time To Pretend” was radiating from her MacBook Pro. While I didn’t start dancing, my mind raced and whirred through my past. The thoughts of days gone by managed to penetrate our conversation later on, which was most likely coincidence. However, for the sake of life imitating art, I’d like to believe that it wasn’t.

Here’s the post I should’ve written three months ago.

Left-Click to Download:

Time To Pretend – MGMT

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