Tell All Thursdays (East Coast Time)- Internet Garbage!

Welcome to the fifth edition of “Tell All Thursdays”, where we seek to go beyond the song and find out more about the artist. Through conversation with the artist, perhaps we’ll obtain more insight about the songs we enjoy so much. In this edition, I thought it would be refreshing to break out of the mold and interview a fellow blogger for camaraderie sake. Of course that begs the question of whom I should contact to conduct this interview. While surfing through music blogs in search of new music, I came across The Internet Garbage website. After checking it out, I was stunned by the transformation that had occurred in the month and half the last time I checked it out.  I would say that I do have some fondness for the blog and the writers because they were the first ones to comment on this blog (how they found Lifeafternirvana I have no idea, but I ain’t complaining). As much as I would have loved to claim that the idea of Tell All Thursday was completely organic, I admit that I was inspired by the format in which the Internet Garbage set theirs up. It’s unbelievable to think that simply two months ago it was a mere wordpress site…now it’s got a .net at the end of it!Today I have the privilege on showcasing the interview between founder Morgan Young and I. Check it out y’all, and be sure to hit up the girls’ website afterwards!

1)      How did the blog start up? Was it a decision made by the three of you, or was it one person who recruited the others?

Out of boredom one day, I (Morgan) decided to start the blog. I like to write, and so I did this fun little blog for my school, but my interest waned quickly with the end of the school year, so I decided to move on to something else. It was a project that I had talked about with Zoe, but we never really committed to do it. One day I called her up and I said I’m just going to start this thing, want to help? And Annie is hands down the best photographer and one of the funniest people that I’ve ever met, and Caitlin is an unbelievably well informed music junky, so I wanted to get them on board too.

2) What are your day jobs? I’ve been meaning to asked to this band members, but I can start with you guys. Unfortunately, not everyone can have the entire day of searching for / producing music. Outside the world of music, what other commitments do you have?

We are all students – we are lucky enough to be going to school, having our parents support us, and we get to do this cool little post-homework thing as well, which has been awesome.

 3) A few months ago, your blog was simply hyper linking some of the featured songs to YouTube. Now you guys have altered the site so much, you now offer downloads through hulk share! How did such a transformation occur?

 We were picked up by a silent partner, and created a small company, so we were directed to an awesome web designer who has been really nice while suffering through the misfortune of listen to us being confused, and occasionally trashing the page. We like the convenience of the download button, it’s a hassle to find a YouTube link and then have to scour the internet to find a song. There are cretin terms and conditions of use that come with the downloads. We buy all of our songs from iTunes – we are trying to support artists – and encourage everyone else to do the same as well.

4) In response to your first answer, how long have you guys been running this blog anyway?

  We got the site up in early June and have undergone some significant changes in layout, openness to types of music, in the brief period since we’ve been up and running.

 5) When this blog was first started, I joked with my pal Dylan that it was a bit silly to create another music blog in a world already full of it. Now things are quite better as we have made several distinctive changes and a small base that follows us. What features does your music blog have that distinguishes it from your run of the mill blog and when were these features implemented? 

 It’s true, there are so many music blogs. I initially wanted to do something a bit more creative – like a blog of lists of clever different things – something that would have people interested and laughing, but I couldn’t completely formulate my ideas, and continually ended back up at having a music site. Some distinctions that we have from the slew of other sites are the layout itself – we tried to steer away from the look of a blog and work with something that was a bit more sleek and unique to our site, and we have started really working the business aspect of this. We are currently working on sponsoring various events and concerts, and have gotten heavily into concert photography, which is something that not every young blogger could say.

 6) Isn’t it a bit daunting to continually hold up your promise of a blog post everyday? How do you do it?

 It is hard to keep up the commitment, but we are all really into it, and see writing as being part of a job more than an extracurricular activity. We want to see how far we can take the site and know that proper upkeep – changing playlists, adding great new music daily etc., are all a part of this. We actually have a little schedule of who is supposed to write, and when. We haven’t started using it, but we will. We are aware that we can’t do all of the fun things – going to work at events, or expect people to come running to us with funding if we don’t keep up our own basic end of the job.

 7) Now here comes the big one here, I was scouring your interviews section, and I saw you guys did an interview with Young The Giant before the VMA’s! How on Earth did you guys pull it off? I mean, the guys at this blog have to do this awkward thing of writing up a review of the artist, posting it on their facebook, and crossing our fingers for a response. It feels a bit self centered and screams too much for attention in my taste. So what’s your guys’ procedure? 

 We sit around crossing our fingers – and our toes! – for responses too. But we work hard, and try to emphasize the business like nature of our site and company. We have been fortunate enough to make connections that help us get in touch with the proper people, but it is still hard to believe sometimes that we are going out and interviewing and shooting such cool bands.

7b) Did any of you guys have an interview that was unbelievably good and was just a positive experience all around?

 Our first interview as a site was with the awesome LA band Gardens & Villa. It was literally one of the first weeks that we had the blog up and I heard the guys online and figured, ‘why not try this?’ I flew out to CA and Annie, Caitlin and I were  working on making the site look better, but got in contact with G&V not really having any expectations. They were really nice and passionate, as was their manager and it was definitely a memorable experience for me. I try always to write very intelligent questions, and I think that we asked some good ones in that particular interview. Unfortunately I have yet to see them live, but our West Coast Coordinator Caitlin raves about their performance.

8.What are the general types of music that each blogger tends to gravitate to? My friend Dylan and I typically share new music we are excited about by means of posting new stuff on the blog because Dylan is now going to USC for filmwriting. Is that how you guys share new music with one another, or do you prime each other up for upcoming posts?

 I definitely lean toward alternative, and some of the weirder stuff that the other girls might kind of roll their eyes at. Luckily Zoe is way more flexible and will switch it up more often to some popular rap, and things that might be considered ‘catchier.’ Annie is big on covers – any cover. And she finds some awesome ones that people haven’t really heard, and are always surprised that they like. Caitlin is just the music wiz and she really knows her stuff. She writes a lot about alternative music that has a very listener friendly sound, and most recently some underground hip-hop. The music that we put up always comes to centered place before it goes up. Occasionally we’ll have someone ask, ‘Are you sure I can’t post about Ashley Tisdale?’ Or something like that – you get the drift – and we all kind of shake our heads and something else goes up. We’re in constant communication though, so we don’t turn on the computer to find any surprises up there.

9) Your blog appears to be very modern and sleek and you guys buy all your songs from iTunes… have you guys considered for applying to hypem to be apart of the featured blogs and expand your audience?

 Thanks! We are on WeAreHunted and I have applied to Hypem several times only to get turned down! Bummer summer, but it won’t stop us from trying again. We are working hard on expanding our audience through various means, so as nice as Hypem would be, we will survive without it.

10) Best concert you ever been too?

 Zoe went to anFlorence + The Machine concert that was a real raga. And if you talk to her about music for more than 10 minutes she’s bound to begin gushing over it, I actually saw Jay-Z and was in complete awe of his stage presence. If you ever really end up talking concerts with us, go straight to Caitlin, she goes to an unbelievable amount of shows, and I have no idea how she does it.

Well there you have it ladies and gents, another source for music if ever you get bored with us guys here at Life After Nirvana. Take a look at the feature over at Internet Garbage that inspired the Tell All Thursdays.

4 responses to “Tell All Thursdays (East Coast Time)- Internet Garbage!

  • Elliott

    The Internet Garbage ❤
    Cool interview. Came from TIG FB page. She's really well spoken and you have asked some great questions.

  • Petey

    LOVE the site so cool. Can’t believe that the girls are so young! You should collaborate with them more often, they have a really well done website.

  • Phoenix

    Great interview! Those girls are very awesome to be so young! I wish them a lot if success.

  • Randell Schmidt

    This is a great article about some very talented young women. I am just so impressed by their spirit and their can- do attitude. Having taught Morgan and Zoe in high school, I am so proud of them. Keep it up, ladies! A lovely intetview. Randi Schmidt

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