Fink: Perfect Darkness

There’s something beautifully relaxed about Fink’s latest release, Perfect Darkness, yet underneath the chilled out tempos and smooth vocal delivery there’s an undeniable intensity. Fink himself, Fin Greenall, has a knack for writing strong melodies backed by tastefully complex instrumentals. There are tinges of other influences spread throughout the record: Fear Is Like Fire features spikes of big guitar that recalls the 1970s, rocking harder than what you’d expect from this type of music. The following track, Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us, is a beautiful crescendo from start to finish, layering in guitar, drums, and some atmospheric keys, and it’s a standout of the album.

One thing that amazes me about this record is how organic it feels while incorporating electronics. Typically if I’m in the mood for something folk-y, the last thing I want to hear is a drum loop or synthesizer, but Fink keeps these understated. His voice always carries the melodic lines (beautifully, I might add) and acoustic guitar is almost always the main backing instrument. The brief but frequent blues inflections also provide some soul to music that can easily be devoid of it, most notable on quietly raging tracks like Honesty, or the raw acoustic number Wheels.

If you aren’t typically a fan of folk-y or “generically indie” music I would encourage you to check this out with an open mind. You won’t find any saccharine pop, and most everything on the record courses with dark energy. This is music meant for late nights and shadows.

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