Bumbershoot 2011: Thoughts on Macklemore

So I went to Bumbershoot for the first time yesterday. And I have to say I was absolutely blown away.  This cultural event was everything I expected and more. The entire thing was so fun and very liberating. I don’t get out often, and to be allowed to go to a place where there will be drunks and people lighting up joints left to right, that was pretty awesome. I didn’t spend much time with individual artists, rather I took the time to jump around and experience different artists, however, the one artist that I took the time to see all the way through was Macklemore. I was pumped to see Macklemore the entire week before. After I found out about him a few years back, I was genuinely interested in him, and now I had the chance to go see him. When I told others I was going to see him at Bumbershoot, many said, “Pfff dude, what are you doing? He’s so mainstream man. He’s always there. Why waste your time?” After his performance,  all I can say to them is a big fat “FUCK YOU”. Macklemore was SO fantastic! It was one of the greatest things that I have ever been through. Located at the Key Arena, I went to go line up at 5. What I found was this huge line that eventually got shut off for a while. I was disappointed when the line was closed down and I thought I wouldn’t be able to see him. Later when the line dwindled down, I jumped a rail and got into the arena.

The decision I made to go see Macklemore will never be questioned. His concert was the greatest one I have ever been to. The arena was insanely packed and I got a seat in the upper seats. But that didn’t matter because it was dead on center and Macklemore’s music still reached up there. From the minute he and Ryan Lewis got on the stage to the very end, the energy level of the crowd was through the roof. People were crazy excited about him. And he lived up to it. After his first song, the camera zoomed in on his face and I will never forget what I saw. The gratitude on his face from the cheering fans was genuine. He actually appreciated the fans for supporting him. He wasn’t faking it. It was all real. All of his songs were preformed extremely well, but a few stood out.

My Oh My
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song tributed to the late, great Dave Niehaus is a great song. Preformed live is even better. The energy of the crowd mixed in with sentimentality of this song, along with the home crowd connection to the song made it soooooo good. As soon as the song started playing, the crowd went nuts. The Seattle crowd had many that were connected in some way to Niehaus, so it was emotional. As Macklemore began singing the crowds’ energy level went way up. However the moment that literally sent chills through my body was at the moment were when the sounds of Niehaus’ call of “The Double” known to Mariners fans, started to play. That period in the song was the high point of the song and instantly cemented his concert as a success. Here’s the video of the song. Even though not as good as live, it’s still fantastic.


And We Danced
Oh my god this song live is so damn good. Nearing the end of his slotted time, Macklemore left the stage and a video came on board. After a short introduction of the song that somehow got from Macklemore being born from Samuel L. Jackson and Lady Gaga, to him whipping Kobe Bryant’s ass in L.A., Macklemore came onto the stage dressed in this eccentric, yet awesome suit and the song began. Instantly, the crowd went nuts and almost everyone in the stadium stood up. The entire song was just a party and kept everyone on a huge high (some naturally and others with some assistance). The stadium was rocked out by this song and people went crazy dancing during the chorus. I know I was one of them and it was way fun. This song live was so freaking good because it’s a freaking party song. Here’s a youtube link for this great song:


This concert was hyped up insanely for me the week before and I didn’t know what to expect, but it was way more than I could have ever thought it to be. The only gripes I have about the concert was “I Said Hey” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPIqDBM0zd8&feature=related. and the fact that a couple people got their shit stomped out of them and had to be carried out, unconscious. Other than that, I have new mad respect for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, for their abilities to captivate a crowd and preform a amazing show.

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