Contagion Counterpoint Review by Dennis Noack

Dylan’s Note: This is Dennis Noack, a colleague/friend of mine at the USC School of Cinematic Arts majoring in film and television production. He graciously agreed to write a counterpoint review for us, and he might do so in the future. These are his opinions on the film:

Contagion was an interpretation of what would ensue if an epidemic occured in our modern world. The movie itself was much less a story rather than a scenario; character development was limited, as one didn’t feel like they knew the characters enough to feel sorry for them nor could one connect with them. Acting was also questionable, as Matt Damon’s character failed to show emotion or loss after the death of his wife and stepson. A normal reaction would be sorrow and tears, but there was none of that.

The movie, however, does nicely pull in history and current events, linking them to the story. Included were such instances as H1N1 and how the world reacted to that outbreak. The movie, if viewed as a piece of entertainment, is quite entertaining, but not a movie one should take their date to see, or watch with the family. It is a sad film, but nicely depicted. The editing of the piece makes it feel like a story someone might see on the news, or almost like a documentary. One can assume that if such an instance would occur that this film depicts, it would happen closely to the way it did in them movie. 6/10 points.

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