Coeur De Pirate- “Comme Des Enfants”

I’m an absolute sucker for any song that opens with a piano. It’s how I got into Ingrid Michelson a few years ago. Same story with She & Him last year. This year the same pattern continues again with Coeur De Pirate (French for Pirate Heart) the stage name for Béatrice Martin. As much as I wish to claim that I have discovered the best new thing, I must report that I stumbled upon Coeur De Pirate the same way I found out about the previously mentioned artists: Two to three years later. Better late than never eh? If Ingrid Michelson was French, this is who she would be. I know that the blog is recovering from  a Canadian love spree a few months back ( Here. Here. And Here), but music like this could be the slippery slope for me to proclaim my love for the neighbors up north (which is silly eh?). However, the girl has the ability to sing the sweetest songs, even if the non-French speakers may not understand them. Her 2008 self-titled album was nominated for Francophone Album of the Year at the 2009 Junos. In 2009, the song off the album called Comme Des Enfants received a CBC radio 3 Bucky Award for “Best Reason to Learn French”. It was a quirky infectious pop song about a child-like relationship. Enjoy this lovely track.

Comme des Enfants

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