The Apache Relay – “Home Is Not Places”

When your cd is called American Nomad, it is fitting that the discussion of home and how it is defined is brought up. Lo and behold, I introduce to you The Apache Relay, another Nashville band that my favorite Nashville band (The Colorfeels!) introduced to me. When Parker of the Colorfeels recommended this band, he stated that “I think will be a household name very soon is The Apache Relay.  They are good friends, great guys, and they work really hard.  They happen to make some pretty freaking awesome music too!”

Listening to “Home Is Not Places”, right away you can tell that this is an ambitious, big sounding song that I wouldn’t find it out of place on a playlist of arena rock songs that include the likes of Young the Giant. Thanks to the seamless integration of the acoustic with the electric guitars (and is that a fiddle I hear in the background?), The Apache Relay create a nifty sound for themselves. Lyrically, the song evokes the spirit of a youth whose exuberance has been tempered a bit due to the time spent on traveling. I’ll sum it up this way: If the town you grew up in couldn’t satisfy your restless self, but the place you left your hometown wasn’t exactly what it was all cracked up to be, which one would you call home? When reading the band’s facebook page about the song “Home Is Not Places”, one of the members was quoted to say that  “It’s a song that that battles the feelings of isolation and homesickness while touring. It’s the idea home can be found in a community not a physical place.” So there you have it, home has a transcendent quality to it, defined not by location but rather one’s perspective on what brings him or her comfort. A feeling derived from the relationships around oneself and gives meaning to his or her life. I dig it. Check out the music video below and become a fan on facebook.


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