A-Z: A List of Some Bands and Songs that should be on your iPod but Probably aren’t.

Annuals- “Brother”

“Blood” –The Middle East

Chappo- “Come Home”

The Deathray Davies- “I’m From the Future”

Everlast- “What It’s Like”

Faded Paper Figures- “North By North”

GIVERS- “Up, Up, Up”

Heatmiser- “Half Right”

I Hate Kate- “Always Something”

Jeremy Fisher- “Goodbye Blue Monday”

Kyle Andrews- “You Always Make Me Smile”

Late of the Pier- “Blueberry”

Miniature Tigers- “Cannibal Queen”

“Now I Shall Go to Overtake That Killer of a Dear Life” –Hold Your Horses!

Operation Ivy- “Unity”

Perfect Confusion- “Live for the Day”

“Question” –Rhett Miller

Right Away, Great Captain!- “What a Pity”

Sleeper Agent- “Get it Daddy”

Tripping Daisy- “I Got a Girl”

“Unsingable Name” –Mike Doughty

Voxtrot- “Firecracker”

The Weakerthans- “Aside”

“Xavia” –The Submarines

Youth Lagoon- “Montana”

ZOX- “Goodnight”

This isn’t a list of the most underground groups I could think of or bands that have never experienced any level of success. Many of the songs I listed have been radio and/or commercial hits, but most people don’t seem to recognize them anymore. So I wrote this list to bring attention to some great acts, new and old, that I feel deserve a little more of the spotlight. Hope you enjoy!

About tcapps123

Hi everyone! I'm a philosophy student at Fairhaven College in Western Washington. My musical interests range all across the board, particularly indie, punk and pop. I've also spent a lot of time writing my own songs and playing in bands. I'm not a huge fan of critiquing music because after all, who are any of us to judge someone else's creation? But I love sharing music and hopefully you'll enjoy my unique perspective here at LifeAfterNirvana. View all posts by tcapps123

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