I’m A Goner-Matt & Kim feat. Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K.

Man I love Matt & Kim. I don’t really like Soulja Boy. Andrew W.K.? Meh. To be honest I only like Matt & Kim. When I saw this song, I was excited because for me, anything from Matt & Kim excites me. However my excitement dropped a bit when I saw Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K. were featured artists. Converse banded these artists together to make a song. I wasn’t sure what to expect. It seemed to me that the dance punk sound of Matt & Kim mixed with Soulja Boy’s “rapping” (if that’s what they call his music) along with party boy Andrew W.K.’s rock, wouldn’t really flow all that well. Giving it a listen was actually a pleasant surprise and the song “I’m a Goner” has turned into one of my favorite songs.


Everything about this songs seems to mesh well together. Soulja Boy sets the pace with his rap, which honestly isn’t that bad, which then cuts into the trademark sound of Matt & Kim for the insanely catchy chorus. Matt & Kim take it along until Andrew W.K.’s voice comes in for his own verse in the song. His rock vocals actually sound good in the song. Together these artists have managed to combine their sounds to create a poppy dance song that makes you sing along and is a great anthem to end summer on a high note.

Download Link:


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