Get to Know Some Motown!

Much to my envy, Dylan has already got the year kicked off down in Southern California. As he stated so himself, he’s checking out The Smiles in concert tonight, a band I introduced to him early spring… a little unnecessary hipster indignation has unfortunately arisen within me ( much to my dismay). So what’s a guy to do when he’s stuck in limbo between the summer season and school? Reacquaint himself with some music of course. I’ve always gravitated towards R&B of the Motown era, especially since it can be simplified down as pop with some soul… well kind of, I was first exposed to such music thanks to the locker room music heard in Remember The Titans. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Aside from The Temptation’s “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”, I would like to claim that this is the iconic song of the Motown era. It’s sweet, it’s sincere, it’s going into your itunes.


Now check out where The Four Tops based their wonderful beat from: 


You may have heard  Billy Preston’s “Nothing From Nothing” if you saw the movie Be Kind Rewind, but perhaps you didn’t know that it was the song performed for SNL’s opening show in 1975. Regardless of the song’s history, if you give the song a listen, you’ll be instantly hooked by how the opening horns pave the way for the jamming piano. Simply put, the song is the very essence of jubilation. For me this has always been the iconic line from the song “Don’t you remember I told ya /I’m a soldier in the war on poverty”.  According to iTunes Billy Preston is classified as R&B/Soul, but I personally see HUGE elements of funk here. This is all mere nitpicking because he’s good enough to span several genres… in the end, classify him however you want to. Interesting tidbit, this man was credited with the song “Get Back”, which a pleasant quartet from England played it to millions of adoring fans, that’s right The Beatles! Proof

Billy Preston “Nothing From Nothing” (Right Click to Download)

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