“Same Mistakes”- The Echo Friendly

Same Mistakes Cover Art

Within the first minute of The Echo Friendly’s “Same Mistakes” I instantly drew similarities between this band and The XX. Meaning no disrespect to either side, I realized that it was a very lazy comparison, seeing how I just based it off of the fact that both bands feature trading vocals between a male and female. To be honest with you all, despite The XX’s bigger track record, I find myself more drawn to The Echo Friendly’s sense of dramatic pulse, highlighted by the interplay between both singers. The song starts off with a steady guitar sound, occasionally a singular piano note interjects and builds from there. I absolutely loved the interaction between the singers Jake andShannon, and I soon became drawn in by the buildup in the song, eventually reaching the emotional zenith when both of the vocalists sing over one each other while the distorted guitar wails in the background. However, despite the desperate need for articulating the guilt accumulated throughout the song, there is never a moment in which everything breaks loose. Rather the song remains restrained and tense in both the singing and musical tone. Somehow I think that this result is actually a benefit to the overall track because the restraint is parallel to that of the song’s lament about the individual’s inability break away from the same frustrations and inertia. It’s not so much a song as it is a confession or lament, but no matter how one classifies it, I believe that it’s absolutely engaging and deserving of a listen.

Here’s another way to look at this song, courtesy of Cantora Records “The single “Same Mistakes” is a palatable introduction to the band’s love journal. In it, we find the highly relatable frustrations of repeating mistakes, breaking promises to yourself, and realizing in many ways you’re still the immature teenager you were 10, 15 years ago. It’s an anthem of angst for first-world young people faced with the melodramas of growing old without growing up, and the burdens they place on their lovers as a consequence. “Same Mistakes” gives a voice (two of them, actually) to these unspoken universalities, with complements from a steady guitar pulse and growing harmony that aches with distortion at the song’s instrumental break. The E-F’s Cantora debut is a deliberately compassionate confession to falling short of the adult we’re all supposed to be.” I don’t know when the band will release their album, but boy oh boy am I excited for it. Chalk this up for another late night jam.   [Itunes]

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