My Infatuation With 1,2,3

I just feel like listening to 1, 2, 3 all day. Just 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3. No I am not crazy about counting and numbers however, I am in love with the Band 1, 2, 3.

Now who is this band you ask? They are two guys named Nic Snyder and Josh Sickels out of Pittsburgh. The name of their band is so simple yet their music is so thoughtful and anything but simple. They have arrived relatively quiet onto the indie music scene but have grown and gained a underground cult following. In January of 2011 they released a 7″ single and have just recently released their album New Heaven in June. And boy did they make a hit with this one. This album definitely has what it takes to be album of the year. Now album of the year for what is the question. I mean it is hard enough to find this band on Youtube or Google due to their simple name. Yet it doesn’t matter to 1, 2, 3 as their music is spreading like wildfire through blogs and word of mouth. Even if this band doesn’t get a lot of exposure to lots of people, their album is definitely #1 this year in my book.

Now onto their actual music. Their sound is insanely fantastic as they bring in this old, soulful type of sound. It takes a lot for someone to sound old-fashioned these days as they come off as sort of recycled and stale. However, 1, 2, 3 is able to pull that off and actually sound appealing. It also helps that the voice of front man Nic Snyder is absolutely great. He has this smooth falsetto voice that can hit these notes people wish they could hit. In terms of their songs, there are many to pick from that I like but to really showcase their talent, it would have to boil down to “Work” and “Little Cure”

“Work” is easily my favorite song by them, so I urge you to give this song your undivided attention. The songs starts out a bit slow with some tambourines and progresses into some drums and guitar and finally explodes and takes off with the first cymbal crash. After that, the song continues in a insanely catchy beat with some amazing vocals by Nic. The chorus is the best part as it displays some great beats along with the insanely catchy and easy to sing-a-long with line of “I work, I work, I work, I work, For you, for you, for you, for you”. It sounds simple, but there is some kind of weird magnetic pull to it that just forces you to sing a long. You can try to sing a long though, but probably not with much success because of Nic’s mid note change in the word ‘work’. This song is just absolutely great and needs more exposure.

1,2,3 – Work

Now to “Little Cure”. The best part of this song has to be the vocals. Like all of their songs, I can’t help but sing a long, even if I am not very good. Their chorus’ are always fantastic and pulls you in. “Little Cure” is a slow paced song that feels very intense and filled with something that just wants to erupt. This is a song that is just very rhythmic and solid.

1,2,3 – Little Cure

1, 2, 3 is a band that is definitely deserving of your attention and my thoughts on them don’t do enough justice to them. Sit down and give them a good, long listen and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

One response to “My Infatuation With 1,2,3

  • CarrotFlowers

    Am in LOVE with this band. Heard “Work” on the season premier of “Hung” and hunted everywhere online to get the name of the band. Came across your blog here and you saved me (I was going nuts, kept thinking maybe it was Modest Mouse, wasn’t sure, so familiar in so many ways, yet so unique).

    Thank you for getting the word out about 1, 2, 3 — can’t wait to hear the entire album.

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