Balam Acab- “Motion”

The intricate production of Balam Acab’s works always reminds me of a faded, dream-like sound. Unlike his previous works, the song “Motion” breaks out from the cave-like feeling and develops into a more richly organic atmosphere. It’s a beautifully soft track that will be apart of the late night music category, but Balam Acab’s latest has enough step into it to prevent from simply being pigeonholed into stated category. Once more you can’t understand a single word being said in the song due to the high pitched, distorted quality of the vocals, but at this point it just feels incomplete without it. To quote from the music blog thefader: “After the song’s lengthy, wavy intro, a line of cello and harp streams from right ear to left, ushering in the beat at 1:15, and it’s just beyond sublime.” Balam Acab’s WANDER / WONDER will be released on August 29th via TriAngle Records

“Motion”-Balam Acab 

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