Today, I moved to California.

One of my heroes is Josh Schwartz, a USC alum (who never graduated ’cause he was so good he went straight to work writing an NBC Pilot) who went on to be the youngest head writer and showrunner in TV history when he created the hit show The OC, the show responsible for introducing Death Cab For Cutie to mainstream society, and one of the only genuinely smart teen dramas to ever air on TV. What was great about his show was that it did exactly what I hope to do with my work, and why he is one of my heroes: in creating Seth Cohen, the socially awkward Jewish kid (remind you of anyone? because he was based on Schwartz himself), and making him a protagonist and a character to root for, Schwartz made being smart and being kinda nerdy and being into music and being a genuinely nice person kinda cool, and idealized Seth Cohen getting the girl, something so cool there are no adjectives worthy of its description.

So as I enter the next phase of my life in California, just as Josh Schwartz did (which later became the impetus for his creation of The OC), I pay tribute to the feeling that he captured; California, here we come.

Phantom Planet – California (iTunes)

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