Summing Up Our Blog Experience

Over the past four months, I’ve been apart of a very special endeavor known as this blog. During this time, I’ve really fleshed out my musical tastes and I hope that some of you readers have been able to say the same after scanning the blog. Naturally over the course of four months, some pretty fine write ups are produced. Here are the top six posts that I feel that best articulates about what Life After Nirvana represents. As you go down the list, you’ll realize that the write ups drastically improve in both style and maturity. Enjoy!

6. Colorfeels- “Pretty Walk”

It’s your standard analysis of the lyrics of a song by an inspiring English major. Yup yup.

5. Sasquatch 2011 Post-Mortem Part II

The fact that Dylan spent the entire day just listening to music, and the way he organizes all of the information into a neat list is simply…fantastic. I envy at his experience at one of the biggest music events on the west coast.

4. Suckers-It Gets Your Body Movin´ (An Existentialist View)

While studying Existentialism during school, I couldn’t help but keep seeing the connections between the topic and the Suckers’ best song. A post that attempts to reflect on the liberating implications of commitment and action.

3. Anti-Materialist Rap

Rap lyrics are forever analyzed for the shocking quality and explicit references to violence (looking at you Tyler, The Creator). What happens when the lyrics are focused on something we all take for granted? What happens when a song touches on uncomfortable truths, especially ones that deal with fashion?

2.“Coming to America” The Immigrant Story

A tribute to the sacrifices of my father, as expressed and connected by music.

1.Of Light, Shabazz Palaces – The Shabazz EPs

Wow. Simply just wow. Chris doesn’t post that often, but when he does, now that’s incredible. An insightful look intoSeattle’s most secretive group. What the Rolling Stones-like feature?

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