Four Months Later…My Top 5 Favorite Posts So Far

Honorable Mention, ’cause I like it: The Next Level

5. David set the tone for the blog well with this professional and dead-on assessment of a solid pop-punk group: First Review: Something About Airplanes – Whoa! Dude! Dang!

4. I love to make a point that’s fairly unexpected, and hopefully a bit controversial, and I think that came through well here: Why “Skyscraper” Isn’t Half Bad

3. This post gives me great hope in regards to the future of this blog:  “Tell All Thursdays”- Clinton Fearon

2. Vincent’s work here is not only brilliant, but also touching: “Coming to America” The Immigrant Story

1. Simply beautiful, Chris. Simply beautiful: Of Light, Shabazz Palaces – The Shabazz EPs






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Dylan Visvikis is a working screenwriter and director in Los Angeles. View all posts by Dylan Visvikis

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