DJ BAHLER- “Free the Snares”

Free the Snares Cover Art

Guess what time it is guys? It’s time for another Mash-up! Allow me to introduce to you DJ BAHLER, whose work has been off the charts lately. For his most recent release, DJ BAHLER showcases his wizardly skills with the combination of Lupe Fiasco, Starfucker, and Cults. By using the sample of the Cults “Go Outside” with Starfucker’s acoustic guitars in “Born”, DJ Bahler lays out a nice summer vibe beat… by the time Lupe Fiasco’s “Lasers” comes in, I just lost it and scrambled to find the download button.

 Free the Snares (Starfucker + Cults + Lupe Fiasco)

Love it? Click on this link to follow to the download off of DJ BAHLER’s bandcamp.

That’s not all though, DJ BAHLER just released his most recent mashup album back in June, so check it out if you like his stuff. [Bandcamp]

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