Omar Goodness!

Hey everyone! for my first post I thought I would put something out there that few people have heard before, but that definitely deserves a good listen. Omar Goodness formed in the late ’90’s in Warsaw, Indiana after first performing at their high school’s talent show. They broke up soon after but managed to record two rather poorly-produced albums in the meantime. Remarkably, although the band was already long gone some of these songs began to gain serious attention from radio stations across the country. The lead singer and guitarist Chris Gackenheimer can now be found in the Chicago based band “Rabbit.” Even though Omar Goodness is dead, their music is more popular than ever before. The low profile of the group often results in their songs being attributed to other indie rock acts, which I feel is quite a shame. Please, help spread awareness of this unique band and pray for some future reunion!

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Hi everyone! I'm a philosophy student at Fairhaven College in Western Washington. My musical interests range all across the board, particularly indie, punk and pop. I've also spent a lot of time writing my own songs and playing in bands. I'm not a huge fan of critiquing music because after all, who are any of us to judge someone else's creation? But I love sharing music and hopefully you'll enjoy my unique perspective here at LifeAfterNirvana. View all posts by tcapps123

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