Much to Chris’s Chagrin

…this post is about The Asteroids Galaxy Tour‘s rollicking song “The Golden Age”. This is Dylan, on Vincent’s account, posting about a song we both like.

I love the bouncy pianos that penetrate the mix in this piece–the low end provides a jaunty rhythm line while the upper end solos with the best key masters. That and the retro horns mixed with new-age synths and reverby backup vocals create an excellent and thoroughly unique sound.

You might have heard this song in a Heineken commercial, where it fits nicely (or hurts your ears, if you’re Mr. Trimis).

The lyricism to the song is good too, providing an excellent message: “I wish I lived in the golden age / livin’ it up on the broadway stage / hang with the rats and smoke cigars / have a break with Frank and count the stars”. It yearns for the jazz age, a much purer age of music, which when paired with the eclectic blend of retro and new age instrumentation and arrangement, creates a cognitive dissonance that leads one to examine a future of music influenced greatly by the retro, but with its roots squarely planted in the next generation.

If there’s one thing I don’t adore, it’s the female vocal’s nasal inconsistency. However, I do feel that gives the song a bit of its faux-retro charm.  So my feelings are mixed in regards to that.

It’s a fun song. Check it out, and right-click:

MP3 The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Golden Age (iTunes; only 69 cents!)

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