Introducing- Lanu

20110716 224503 [Pop] Lanu   Fall (ft. Megan Washington)

Lanu, a childhood nickname that is the Tongan word for color,  is the experimental side project of the Bamboos’ guitarist and leader, Lance Ferguson, one of the most prolific and well-respected musicians on the Australian funk and soul scene. “Fall” is the second single off Lanu’s forthcoming album, Her 12 Faces, which will be out on August 15. Until then, “Fall” will be available as a free download! Why get it? Well the combination of Lanu’s soaring electronic sound and featured artist Megan Washington’s powerful vocals makes this a wonderfully uplifting song that every pop fan should listen to. Check out the bandcamp (link at the bottom) and you’ll also be treated to an extra goodie that is an acoustic rendition of a previous work by Washington and Lanu “Beautiful Trash”.

Lanu – “Fall (feat. Megan Washington)” [MP3]

Fall feat. Megan Washington Cover Art


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