Colorfeels- “Pretty Walk”

Syzygy Cover Art

Darling I adorn you tonight with light
The moment now is all for you
You’re shining all around the room
Tonight, so bright.
Your radiance is burning true.

And thus the first lyrics of  “Pretty Walk” by the Nashville-based Colorfeels reinforces the dreamlike state evoked earlier by the opening harmony between the guitar and bells. Before anymore observations can be made about the lyrics, let’s emphasize the blissful 30 seconds of pure instrumental before the vocals come in. Good grief, by the time the actual singing started, I was already swooning and scrambling to press the love button on hype machine.

The word darling is used as an affectionate form of address to a beloved person. When examining the connotations of the word’s usage in the song, one finds that it definitely fits the tone established by the song. In the perspective of the beholder, this person can clearly do no wrong. To put it simply, the adoration the speaker has for that girl is palpable. However, by the time the final lyrics come around…

It was all in my head, all in my head--
Everything that you said
It’s all in my mind

Man, what an absolute shift in tone in the song! I reexamined the first verse given the context of the entire song and I found some surprising points. The fact that the speaker “adorns” the other person evokes this sense that the speaker is projecting his own interpretations upon his “darling”. The motif of the “radiance” and light of the darling, well couldn’t that be interpreted as evidence of the speaker’s inability to see the truth, that his relationship with a loved one was a figment of his imagination (hence the lament that it was “all in my head”?). This is a lot of overwrought, kind of unnecessary analysis to be thinking about during this time of the year. I will say this though, regardless of whatever the meaning of the song is, this is a great track to listen to. It’s an intimately- crafted sound that just fails to be categorized (Indie  pop? Experimental dream rock?), but perhaps that’s what makes it so appealing.

“Pretty Walk”

On their bandcamp, the Colorfeels have announced only one performance, one located in their very own home town. When taking a look at a live performance by them, you will wonder why this band hasn’t set up anymore future dates. This is quality stuff (with an extra kick of guitar sound that is much more explicit than the studio sound)

Head over to their website , where you can get the whole thing for whatever price you deem appropriate.

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