UK Synth-Pop: Monarchy


In the wake of La Roux and other British electric pop bands these past few years comes Monarchy, the British duo featuring Edward Nigma (vocals) and Peter Uzzle (music)  just released their album today and I thoroughly recommend grabbing the lead single “Maybe I’m Crazy”. Give this gorgeous track a listen and you may be overcome with feelings similar to that when one first drives in the city and sees all those surrounding lights. There’s this metropolis sense to this track, the accomplishment of a wonderful synth musical arrangement. Give it a listen here.

Maybe I’m Crazy- Monarchy (Via the kickin the peanuts blog)

Although the debut album has been released, Monarchy has been around the blog world for a few years, going back to 2009 when the Guardian covered them (read the feature). The release has been a bit longer than expected, but hey I’m not complaining one bit, not with this kind of quality music here.

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