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1,2,3 Turnaround

Riffy hooks and catchy choruses always get my attention. Cool arrangements are nice too. Add some handclaps and adolescent lyrics, and you’ve got yourself a decently listenable indie pop song for use in commercials and teen flicks. That’s just what’s going on here.

This song has been heard all over, from JCPenney commercials to Parenthood promos (particularly effective there) to underrated comedy flick Fired Up!

I’m not a huge fan of the song, or the vocal inconsistencies that penetrate the fine instrumentals. But the hook and chorus are undeniably catchy, and for that reason, it’s worth a listen. Check it out:

BREAKING NEWS: Chris Likes a Mashup….

Vincent and Dylan will have never seen this coming. I have, as they mentioned in their mashup posts, vehemently opposed mashups for years. I see mashups as being artistically uncreative, and many of them are. John Williams has made millions as the foremost purveyor of musical piracy. He is the original mashup artist. Anyways, I was not expecting a whole lot when I heard that two musicians had collaborated to mash 80’s post-hardcore stalwarts Fugazi with the original Odd Future, probably the greatest hip hop collective of all time, the Wu Tang Clan. Low and behold, I gave it a listen and damn. It’s some good stuff. The producers have done a lot to make sure that both artists aesthetics are maintained in all of the tracks while creating something new out of recycled music. I haven’t heard another mashup that does that to this effect. Give it a listen, download it for free, and enjoy it.

When We Get Back…

We’ll be launching a new feature when we get back from vacation. It will be called “Tell all Thursdays”, where you’ll read and find out much more about artists than simply their musical influences. We got a few artist interviews set up when we get back, from local Seattle to Germany. Hang tight, Vincent and I will be back in August. Be sure to contact our email if you believe we should cover anyone.

Amy Winehouse Is Dead

They tried to make her go to rehab, and she said no, no, no.
She’ll be missed by fans of her bluesy soulful voice, which include me. R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.

Omar Goodness!

Hey everyone! for my first post I thought I would put something out there that few people have heard before, but that definitely deserves a good listen. Omar Goodness formed in the late ’90’s in Warsaw, Indiana after first performing at their high school’s talent show. They broke up soon after but managed to record two rather poorly-produced albums in the meantime. Remarkably, although the band was already long gone some of these songs began to gain serious attention from radio stations across the country. The lead singer and guitarist Chris Gackenheimer can now be found in the Chicago based band “Rabbit.” Even though Omar Goodness is dead, their music is more popular than ever before. The low profile of the group often results in their songs being attributed to other indie rock acts, which I feel is quite a shame. Please, help spread awareness of this unique band and pray for some future reunion!

“Chris Martin’s Side Project” aka Saints of Valory

Like OMG guys, Chris Martin just started a new side project! Wait, wait, isn’t he prepping for a new album with his original band Coldplay? Yeah you’re right, but if you give the song “Cover Girl” by the Saints of Valory, you would swear that it’s Chris Martin. When Vincent showed me this track, I was absolutely floored by the similarities between the lead singer and Chris Martin. Check it out below, and be mesmerized by the combination of the acoustic guitar with the rhythm of the handclaps. Like Coldplay, some of the lyrics can be of the simplistic side “My heart’s like a target and now she holds the gun. I fell in love with the girl at the rec room.” The definite highlight of the song is the “whoa ohs” that enter right before the chorus. Singing along each time for sure.  While the only version is the acoustic version, lucky for us all you can download the track through the soundcloud arrow tab.

A bonus: “Neon Eyes” acoustic

Wet Hair – Japandroids

To make up for my earlier posting, I will post about a band that Chris adores and actually turned me on to. I’ve had the privilege to have seen them live twice–their raw energy is incredible.

I’ll leave the discussion of their wonderfully complex melodies and meditation on the transition to adulthood from adolescence through raw emotion in lyricism to Chris.

For tonight, as we are about to embark on our European expedition, I leave you with lyrics from my favorite Japandroids song:

“We run the gauntlet, must get to france, so we can french kiss some french girls”

MP3 :: Wet Hair (iTunes)