Canada, cont.

Vincent’s post has me thinking about some of my favorite Canadian bands. I will touch on 4.

First, a new favorite. Said the Whale is an indie band from Vancouver (home of Stanley Park, Granville Island, the Vancouver Canucks, and tear gas). This song is bright, cheery, summer (but with some kind of melancholy timbres as well)!! Sounds like a typical Pacific Northwest offering.

Next, an old favorite. Death From Above 1979. The best bass/drum duo the world has ever seen. After releasing  just one album, they called it quits. This year they have reunited to play some festivals, hopefully that turns into their first release since 2004’s You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.

Third, Toronto punk group Fucked Up. They just released an epic concept album entitled David Comes to Life. It has received rave reviews from many critics. Nothing more needs to be said than what is covered in this video.

Last, but definitely not least, one of my favorite bands: Japandroids. The Vancouver duo consisting of guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse write energetic noise rock. Their 2009 album Post Nothing is a startling, emotional take on post-adolescence. King and Prowse struggle with the transition between having no responsibilities to becoming full fledged adults. A key lyric from the track “Young Hearts Spark Fire” reflects on this idea: “I don’t wanna worry about dying/I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls”.

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