The Artist Known as Ellie Goulding

I’ll be frank about my music relationship with UK’s biggest artist at the moment. I don’t really see her as a stand-alone artist, but rather an assortment of samples ready for some heavy remixes. I can’t think of her title track “Lights” without thinking about the Bassnectar remix. It is nearly impossible for me to listen to her song “Starry Eyed” without anticipating the deep bass drop in the Jakwob remix (which I think is absolutely the best song to introduce someone to dubstep).

Here’s the title track “Lights”

Now check out Bassnectar’s version: Ellie Goulding – “Lights” (Bassnectar Remix)

So what’s the difference between the two? I think it has to deal with the intensity of the versions. In the original version, the song’s tempo just can kind of meanders on a bit, never really picking it up. Meanwhile in the remix there’s  a big bass introduction around the one minute mark, thereby adding a little more punch to the song.

Next up is my favorite track by Miss Goulding (with a remix of course) “Starry Eyed” remixed by Jakwob


I had been meaning to cover this segment for awhile, but the music blog Earmilk  basically posted a bonanza of Ellie Goulding mixes, with over 20 different versions! Check it out here 

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