The Smiles- “Swimming”

I have always been a sucker for those upbeat indie songs that evoke a strong feel for summer. So it’s been no surprise that the California beach quartet that is the Smiles has been in heavy rotation the past few months. I touched on this band a few months ago, as you can see here, and the sound gets only better as the Washington weather (finally!) starts to hit the 70 degree mark during the day. Now let’s talk about the subject at hand, namely the Smiles’ latest song “Swimming”. Previously in the other songs, the band has alternating vocals between two of their guitar players, with one singing the bridge and the other sings the chorus. However, in “Swimming” the band pulls off a nice touch here, with one singer taking the first verse and the other vocalist singing the small bridge to the chorus, which is then reversed during the latter half of the song. Near the end of the song there’s a small guitar break that just screams of the 60s beach rock sound, bringing a satisfactory close.


Once more check out their bandcamp (and download their music for free) here

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