“Extra, Extra” – Man Down Medic

Lately, lifeafternirvana has drifted a slight bit away from the local artists from Seattle. So, as a result, I’ve been spurred to start an ongoing series of posts about said artists.

The first of these I’ll use to shine the spotlight on a Seattle act called Man Down Medic, who use a variety of instrumentation, and two vocalists, to create a unique electronic/indie rock sound. They found success as finalists in the EMP SoundOff! contest and became fairly well-known locally.

My friend, Taylor, introduced me to their song “Extra, Extra” when describing influences for excellent synth playing, and while initially put off by the lo-fi production, I grew to really like the lyricism and arrangement. They use a violin, viola, cello, synth(/piano), bass, guitar, tight vocal harmonies and drums to create this interesting sound.

The tight vocal harmonies are easy to explain–the vocals are done by two brothers and a sister of the Anderson family… they each have a sweet sound, especially the girl, who is used only teasingly on this track, from their first (and only? it’s hard to find stuff on the internet about them after 2010; have they broken up?) 2008 EP Fantasyland, which is quite the apropos title for a Man Down Medic release.

The lyricism is excellent: “Extra, extra, read all about it / there’s a war going on, but don’t go out and shout it / it’s a war between my heart and my head / my head is telling me my feelings for you are dead / but extra, extra, read all about it now…”. It’s all ambiguity and relatable anguish, worded eloquently.

This band’s worth a listen, even if they might be dead.


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