“You! Me! Dancing!” – Los Campesinos!

Vincent and I have decided to do a joint post. Here we go:

VINCENT: You may have heard of this song from the Budweiser commercial.
DYLAN: I don’t believe that commercial–
V: Does this song justice.
D: Yeah.
V: There are 2 build-ups in this song, and when the second one hits, it completes the greatest opener to a song in my life. I love the xylophone. Who puts a xylophone on a song?!
D: This song is like pure ecstasy.
V: It’s so jubilant. That’s the word… the energy is palpable. It’s not sophisticated, but it’s… in the joy. It’s fun to listen to. I bet it’d be fun to play too… a huge ensemble.
D: It’s a great pop song, without all that synth stuff.
V: Midway through the fourth minute, they add beats and a solo guitar and it’s like 45 seconds of indie bliss.
D: I’d say the indie bliss lies within the rough counterpoint harmonies, the back-and-forth, between the male and female vocalists.
V: To be truthful, the vocals aren’t that great. The chorus is the only part you can understand.
D: I like the lyricism in the first verse, though.
V: The vocals can be overlooked…

Overall, Vincent succinctly states: Listen to the first minute and a half and turn on the speakers to sing along with the chorus!


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