SBTRKT (An Audio Knockout From Start to Finish)

When scanning hype machine today, I came across the “Hype Machine Album Premiere” feature, which allows individuals to listen to the album in its entirety before its release. Today hypemachine devoted its focus on artist SBTRKT, whose LP will be released on June 28th. Usually I ignore those features, but after listening to this one, I have to reconsider not only my attitude to these premieres, but I want to download all these songs by SBTRKT. This is MUST listen music.

Here’s a personal favorite of mine off the LP

It’s quality live too!

I don’t even know how to describe his music, other than the fact that I find it all mesmerizing, from start to finish. My words can’t do any justice to the sound and I have now resorted to using simplistic superlatives. Something very interesting about the LP is the structure of the songs themselves. For instance you’ll get drawn in and entranced by the aptly named instrumental “Ready Set Loop” and then you’ll find yourself listening to the vocals of featured artist Sampha serving not only as a change of pace, but a delight to the ears. In the ending track “Go Bang”, it’ll start off with African-like drums (looking at the artist picture, you’ll understand why) and then transition over to a synthesizer style sound, eventually working with one another. If you want to hear more of this magic, I suggest you swing on over to his website .

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