TV On The Radio – “Killer Crane”

So TV On The Radio’s Nine Types of Light came out April 12th, but one of their tracks Killer Crane has stewing in my mind for a good month and a half. I tell you, it’s a real knockout for sure. As I wrap up another repeated listen of the song, I find myself utterly impressed with the musical craftsmanship of this band. Traditionally one associates TV On The Radio with fast paced music and hectic cries at the climax of their songs, as seen with their hit “Wolf Like Me”. However, their latest “Killer Crane” is a stripped down alternative to the norm. You have a soft acoustic guitar strum, a constant plucking noise throughout the song, with back-up vocals that evoke this echoing noise to create a very calm song that incentives the listener to be introspective. It’s a good song to listen to at night.  Here’s the video.


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