I’ll Be Yours – Those Dancing Days – Acoustic

Vincent posted this song a while back, and despite all its cheesy 80s-pop Swedish-ness, I fell in love with its cheesy 80s-pop Swedish-ness. Mark my words, that song will be in a movie trailer sooner than later (even if it is one of mine).

The acoustic version is super cool too. The video that shows them performing it live has under 100 views on YouTube, and you’ve most likely never heard of it, so are we hipster if we publicize it?

I think a better question is: are we hipster if we call ourselves hipster?

But I digress. Check out the tambourine player in the back…she looks like a super-energetic five-year-old.

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2 responses to “I’ll Be Yours – Those Dancing Days – Acoustic

  • Molly Carlquist


    You say Norwegian, as in coming out of Norway? Those Dancing Days are Swedish, my friend, meaning they come from Sweden. But well, that’s two neighboring Scandinavian countries, so close, but no cigar.

    On the other hand, you were amazingly accurate with your prediction about this song ending up in a movie trailer sooner than later . As a matter of fact, Walt Disney Pictures snatched it and made it the theme song of a movie called The Prom (quite shoddy, 4/10 on IMDb) .

    The original, Swedish made, music video for I’ll Be Yours is adorable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddvGhYPF5z8

    And here is the same tune in a odd Disney movie trailer video mash up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd9VDI9K7Pw

    But still, an awfully great song!

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