Hey Sholay

Turns out that I can’t go two weeks without a post, especially considering the new music I just encountered. It’s well worth my broken vow.


I came across Hey Sholay on Monday, and I have to say, their music clearly reflects my mood right now. They’re a five piece band from Sheffield, UK that release music through hand made cassettes and now they have digitized themselves to distribute MP3s (Huzzah!). This may be my new favorite band of this spring season so far this year. It’s going to take a real knockout to overtake the wonderful sounds that this band produces. ECSTASY. To put it mildly.

Hey Sholay – “Dreamboat”

“Gold Teeth and Goodbyes”, featured here, is going to be their next single. Jubilant. That’s the description I would give for the sound of this band.

Hey Sholay seems to specialize in bright, vibrant tunes with a beat guaranteed to make you tap your toes.Even better, this group is ready to give you a free track for a “Like” on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/heysholay.

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