Patrick Wolf- “The City”

English songwriter Patrick Wolf  released his second single from album Lupercalia, due out in June. The title refers to the Lupercalia festival, which is the ancient fertility and love festival that happens around Valentine’s Day. Speaking of love, this song is the perfect fit for the album’s ambitions. This song is bombastic, both in tone and lyrics. The Wolf’s declaration about how he won’t “let the city destroy our love” seems to promote the notion about how the love and relationship between individuals will be unaffected by the external factors surrounding them. When backed up with the saxophone, there is some substance to this grand statement, ultimately creating a jubilant, defiant sound that screams of dramatics.  If you are into 80s styled music, then enjoy the blasting horns, crashing drums, and banging piano of this flamboyant track!

Patrick Wolf – The City

I’ll be off for two weeks as I study for AP tests. Got to get those college credits!

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