New Fireworks Song Streaming, and the state of Pop-Punk

Pop-punk is going to be on fire this summer and Fireworks have just given us another reason to expect great things from the genre. They’ve got a new song streaming over at their AbsolutePunk profile ( ) off their upcoming release, Gospel.

Gospel seems like a pretty fitting title for the upcoming record, which marks a shift in sound towards more relaxed pop-rock with a punk edge simmering underneath. But don’t let the pop-rock label fool you: This isn’t The Maine we’re dealing with here, this is honest music at its finest. I can’t help but be reminded of Jack’s Mannequin a little bit, with the rolling groove and vocal inflection.

Needless to say, pop-punk is coming into its own. The genre’s underground staples are all maturing and heading in different directions. Transit’s new material is teeming with melancholy themes, The Wonder Years are injecting scorching energy and noodly guitars into their bright anthems, Set Your Goals are bringing the punk back, and now Fireworks have thrown some laid-back cool into the mix. Diversity and exploration are the names of the game for pop-punk this year, and I’ve got no complaints.

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