Introducing- Air Review

Music of My Upcoming Summer! I’ll be frank guys, I’ve been hit with a sudden yen for school to be over and summer to get started already. Right now I am looking outside my house, and good grief is the scenery gorgeous! Based out of Texas, the band Air Review is only making my desire to kick back even stronger.

Air Review – America’s Son

Now here’s the thing. If you are the type of person who enjoys a wonderful melody consisting of folksy guitar with some subtle synths dabbled in the background, then this is the song for you. While this isn’t one of those songs which make you instantly leap for joy and cheer, there is something comfortable about the plucking of the guitar  working in unison with the  steady sounds of the piano.The tone of this song, as evident by the song title, evokes the notion of an individual moving from place to place, never exactly staying in one place, but always absorbing the details around. Matter of fact, the chorus “I am American’s Son / And I’m so inclined to run” really reflects the foot looseness of the American individual, but you have to tip your hat off to these guys for capturing the sentiment perfectly.

It’s interesting to think about this song, especially in context to the situation faced by the bloggers here on this website. All of us are under 21 (Gasp! We can’t legally consume alcohol!), which means we are still early in our lives, and the career choices that we plan to commit to. More importantly, a couple of us are prepping for the college life in the fall, where some will remain in Seattle to attend the University of Washington, while another one will be attending USC. It’s a bit daunting to consider the fact that we are about to leave our comfort zones of the suburban life, but when you put it into perspective, in order for one to mature, there is the need to be on one’s own and help oneself and not being able to rely on the parents. So in response to Air Review, I too am America’s Son, because I will intensify the tension between the security of staying close to home and the pioneer spirit of moving out in my search for meaning and purpose. Let’s go summer, it’s time for me to embody that spirit.

Such a sound is continued in their other songs too. Here’s the link to another song by them “Waiting Lessons”

This track comes from an upcoming EP, due out this fall. Each track will be released as a single over the next several months.

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