It’s Another Sunny Day in the Northwest

So I decided that it would be perfect to post a few songs that capture the type of mood I am in.

♫ Hungry Kids of Hungary – Wristwatch

An Australian four-piece indie pop band, the Hungry Kids of Hungary  dropped their debut LP, Escapades last year in October. Clocking at just under 2 minutes,  they got this retro poppy sound working, and when combined with handclaps and percussion combo (I am a sucker for those kind of songs) creates a pleasant sound. Traces of Vampire Weekend I must say, although Hungry Kids set themselves apart near the end of the song, with the interlude of “oh, oh, oh, ohs” fitting nicely.

Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

It’s been on my replay for the past few weeks. Sunny and outgoing.

Donora – “I Think I Like You”

It’s so cute, you would swear that you just heard a similar sound on the latest Apple commercial.

The Limousines – “Internet Killed The Video Star”

I saw these guys live a couple of weeks ago. They know how to work a crowd. The SF duo is set to release their long-awaited full-length,‘Get Sharp‘ on July 27th.

Cults- You Know What I Mean

Internet sensations Cults have knock out tracks every time they release a song. The song to play in the evening, to prepare  for those late summer nights in which you spend time with that special person. Right click on the links to save the download. Cheers y’all.

I just found out about them through the site, so feel free to check them out. Big ups.

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