My Analysis of MTV’s Musical March Madness

As you guys probably already know, I love music.

Correction, I like GOOD music.

So it’s very interesting to see a bunch of other hardcore GOOD music lovers participate in MTV’s now-annual excuse for bracketology porn, Musical March Madness. The results are interesting to me, so I’d like to analyze them.

I’ll cut MTV slack on the seeding; let’s be honest, the seeding is all subjective, and was probably done by a committee of music nerds much like ourselves–of course in our brackets, Kid Rock wouldn’t merit a seed, and Fleet Foxes would certainly not have been left in the Musical NIT, but I digress–so we move on to the competition itself. It seems that the followers of the MMM are much more inclined towards pop-punk, alterna-punk, hard rock and metal-esque music, or at least that those bands promote it more on Facebook and Twitter; last year’s victors, Coheed and Cambria, managed to secure a spot in the Elite 8 before getting the boot from Disturbed, not much farther down the hard spectrum (an unsurprisingly close vote, as well). Arcade Fire, a #1 seed, was eliminated in the first round by Avril Lavigne’s ex-husband’s alternative band (aka Sum 41; insert lame ‘alternative to what?’ joke here).  By the sweet 16, only Radiohead and The Strokes represented a shred of indie music cred.

The Final Four consisted of Disturbed, Green Day, Paramore (aka The Hayley Williams Variety Hour, now that the Farro Bros. have departed), and My Chemical Romance. While I’m not particularly a fan of each of these bands (at this point in their lifespan, anyway), I do understand their talent and ability. The trend, however, seems to emerge that a harder style of music and veteran players seem to have the edge in this competition.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing.

Just that a more diverse group of music lovers should vote. That way, Arcade Fire, Death Cab for Cutie, Cage the Elephant, Sleigh Bells, and The Dave Matthews Band won’t be eliminated in the First Round, and therefore not make me look like a jackass when I vote for one of them and see the tallies so low 🙂

So next year, vote! I don’t want to have to start up the Musical NIT.


What happens when one group of fans dominates the voting.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Green Day won. To be fair, they did put on a pretty damn good Broadway show.

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