Coming straight outta Sweden, the band is made up of brothers Johan Jivin’ Rensfeldt (vocals), Anders Rensfeldt (multi-instrumentalist and DJ) and saxophonist Joakim Nilsson.

Their debut album Äppelknyckarjazz, literally translated as Apple swiper jazz (Isn’t that a dope title?), was released in November 2008, so it’s been out there for awhile. I admit that I found out about this band from my friend so I can’t take credit for this discovery. I’ve put this song on repeat for the past 30 minutes and I’ve been too busy tapping my foot and bobbing my head with the beat to stop to record all my thoughts. Here’s a quick review of what I think of their song Fel del av gården

1) I don’t understand what they are saying

2) The music is so good I won’t quibble with it.

  • Focus on the opening of the song, it clapping beats really set the tone
  • The singer just spits out his lyrics in a fast manner, I would hazard a guess that it in a rap like beat.
  • I can’t explain this music, but I’ll give it some heuristics for you: Swing, some rap, and most definitely Europe.



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